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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ?

is our currency that we use to convert all cryptocurrencies using a fixed rate to avoid confusion. We call it Thorx. This is not USD and it is not any other fiat currency. We use it to ensure that your cryptocurrency deposit is using a fixed rate and not fluctuating value when it is converted for deposit and for withdrawals. This means that you retain your cryptocurrency value for both deposits and withdrawals.

How can I start investing ?

Your first order of business is to register. When you register, make sure that you have signed up under your desired upline. If you wish to be moved later under someone else, it will prove to be a time consuming process, so please ensure this.

What do I need to begin earning?

You need to have funds in any of the wallets and payment types we accept as a means of deposit.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Doge, Perfect Money and ePaycore.

How much is your lowest investment allowed?

The lowest amount we can take as a deposit is 10.00, which is specifically for the 0.21% Hourly plan which runs for 600 hours.

Can I use my balance to reinvest?

Yes of course you can. Your account balance for a single kind of payment type must have the minimum deposit acceptable for the plan of your choosing.

How soon are cryptocurrency deposits activated?

Cryptocurrency deposits are activated after 2 confirmations from their blockchain networks. For more information about confirmations and why this is required, please learn more about cryptocurrencies by researching on Google or asking a friend who knows what are confirmations and why they are required.

What is the secret question and secret answer for?

A secret question and answer is used to verify your account. We use this information to link your inquiry to your account officially. We cannot simply listen to an inquiry without verifying ownership. If your secret question and answer has been forgotten, we will use e-mail verification procedure to proceed with any account inquiry.

Can I earn referral commission without being active?

You need to have an active deposit to earn referral commissions. Now if you're really a great marketer, we can make exemptions for you. So contact us if you are one.

Do I need to make an investment to earn?

To earn from the plans, of course, you need to have an active deposit on that plan. If you want to keep earning from a plan, you can always make multiple deposits at any time, while the plan is active or after the plan expires.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No, you cannot, simply because you do not need to have multiple accounts. You can make multiple investments on the same or different plans any time in a singular account anyway.

I deposited but the funds went to my balance, why?

Cryptocurrency deposits have a tendency to be added to your balance instead of the plan only when you deposit the minimum amount for the plan. It is best practive to transfer more than what is instructed in the deposit confirmation page (where you are shown the QR CODE for deposit address). The amount credited will be the amount valued upon the 2nd confirmation.

How much can I withdraw?

There is no maximum limit for the withdrawable amount, but the minimum is 0.25 for Perfect Money, 2.50 for the ePaycore withdrawals and lastly for cryptocurrency withdrawals, you can withdraw a minimum of 5.00.

How fast are withdrawals processed?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dash, Doge, Perfectmoney and ePaycore withdrawals are instantly processed however, just an advanced information to everyone, we may at times, disable instant payments for Ethereum and Bitcoin to ensure that the fees are rationally reasonable for the amount being transferred.

CURRENT INSTANT STATUS: BITCOIN & ETHEREUM are manually processed due to high fees.

Can I change my payment information?

Your payment information on your profile, can only be updated once, (only when its not yet filled up yet). Once it has been filled up, you need our help to update it.

How much is the referral commission?

The referral commission we pay depends on each transaction size of your downlines or referrals. If your referrals deposit 10 up to 500, you should receive 3% referral commission rate. If your referral invests 500.01 up to 1,000.00, you will earn 5% referral commission. If the transaction amount of deposit is 1,000.01 up to 5,000.00, your commission is 7% and if your downline's transaction deposit amount is 5,000.01 and higher, your commission is 9%.

How fast can I receive an answer to my tickets?

We will answer your inquiry as needed within 24 hours.

What happens if I violate any of the rules?

Your account, together with your assets and funds will be frozen.

Is my investment insured?

Your investments are not insured because that would require us to file documents on your behalf and for our rates to become lower. We are not governed by any rules, that require us to get insured. We guarantee your funds through the activities we do by making sure we stay inside the profitable zone.

Are you a registered company?

No, we are not required to do so. If we did, we will need to tax all profits that all our investors make and the privacy of our investors can no longer be guaranteed.

We are a group of skilled people dedicated in enriching not only ourselves but everyone who joins us in this journey, one hour at a time.

Accepted here
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • PM
  • Ethereum
  • BitcoinCash
  • Doge
  • Dash
  • ePaycore
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