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DOGE/THORX Rules and Conditions

All with vested interest in registering with us must fully read and agree to all that is written on this page on our website. It is a requirement that one, must not ignore and take for granted. It is highly likely, that you might violate our rules if you do not read this page fully.

Registering with us requires you to use a valid contact information, specifically your email address in order for us to easily connect or contact you as needed. The need for this is critical, because this is our only want to communicate with the correct individual who owns the account. Registering with an invalid email address may lead to account suspension for possible suspicion of multiple account ownership on our website.

Everyone must own at least one payment account from the list of acceptable payment methods we use, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Doge, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Perfect Money or ePaycore. If you do not own at least one of these, then there is no point in registering an account with us.

Upon registration, your email address is added to our mailing list. Our system frequently sends email notifications to all users as a necessary form or update for account activities within your account or when we send updates and news to everyone on our website. It is important for you to read all updates that we send, so you will not miss anything, whether very important or not. You will thank us later for at least reading all emails we send.

After registration, if you encounter problems in logging in, or making transactions, please know that there is a support page where you can contact us and we will assist you quickly. This is your first order of business when this happens and not publicly posting your issue because this may lead to confusion amongst unregistered and registered users who may see your post and read and misunderstand it quite easily.

Your account should be your responsibility. Since we have instant payments on our website, your account must remain secure. Our suggestion is that you use a unique email address or at least a unique password for your account with us, which should have never been used on any other website other than

If you're already a registered member, please make sure that you know that cryptocurrency deposits are activated once 2 confirmations has been received by the crypto transaction.

If your transaction already has more than 2 confirmations and its not yet added, please contact us for manual override of activation. We will see to it that the transaction gets activated as soon as we can.

You must know that you cannot have more than 1 account with us. If you violate this rule, your account and funds will get frozen. You have been warned.

Our referral commission is only for registered and active depositors. If you're a marketer and have a proven track record to back this up, we can activate a deposit for your account so you can start earning commission.

Your privacy is important to us, we assure you that your information will never be shared with anyone else. We value privacy of all our users, period.

Complaining publicly without contacting us first will be treated like a threat and intentional or not, your account will get locked until your issue is resolved.

Payments are instantly processed on our website, but technical issues such as server outages of our instant payment API provider, may cause delays or unavailability of the instant payments, so please make sure you check or contact us first.

Please make sure that you have read this information fully before proceeding. Thank you and have a great day.

We are a group of skilled people dedicated in enriching not only ourselves but everyone who joins us in this journey, one hour at a time.

Accepted here
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • PM
  • Ethereum
  • BitcoinCash
  • Doge
  • Dash
  • ePaycore
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